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2018 - Paris

International Grand Chapitre


Thursday 14 June

For the first dinner, almost 100 members were invited to the Salon Bonaparte in the Shangri-La where the atmosphere was warm and congenial. Michelin 2-star Chef Christophe Moret and his brigade produced a perfect and delicate menu that pleased all the guests.


Friday 15 June

A visit to Le Cordon Bleu Paris was organised for guests. Participants in the visit were welcomed by André Cointreau, Chairman of Le Cordon Bleu International and Member of the Conseil d’Honneur, and Charles Cointreau, Asia Representative Director for Le Cordon Bleu, together with the professional team of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, including Chef Eric Briffard, Maître Rôtisseur and Meilleur Ouvrier de France; Chef Philippe Groult, Meilleur Ouvrier de France; Chef Kay Baudinette, Maître Rôtisseur; Chef Franck Poupard, Chef Rôtisseur.