A message from the Bailli Délégué



As Bailli Délégué of Canada, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our Bailliage’s website. Through this web site, we hope to communicate with both prospective and existing members, provide them with important information and create a better National Bailliage. The web site contains videos, our Canadian newsletters and informational brochures about our great organization, as well as information about upcoming events and activities locally, nationally and around the world.
As members of this remarkable “confrerie” (aka friends sharing a common interest), we have a unique opportunity to meet regularly with others who enjoy everything that la Chaîne has to offer: great cuisine, fine wines and most importantly of all, good fellowship.
La Chaîne’s membership consists of individuals who are professionals (serve in the culinary or hospitality industries) creating masterpieces in culinary, hospitality or service and non-professional members, who enjoy the fruits of their labours. I encourage everyone to look over our directory of professional members on this site and in our newsletters. Take time to visit our member establishments to sample the delights they prepare on a daily basis.
Nowhere is La Chaîne’s commitment to the future of culinary more evident than in our support of young chefs and sommeliers. We provide scholarships to individuals enrolled in accredited culinary schools across Canada. We also assist the process of improving culinary skills and knowledge by hosting competitions at the local, regional and National levels. Annually, we support the young chef and sommelier who wins these National competitions as they represent Canada at the Concours International des Jeunes Commis (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs and Jeunes Sommeliers held at different locations around the world. These competitions offer a unique opportunity for young chefs to hone their skills in a challenging atmosphere.

In the end, both professional and non-professional members win.

Whether you are already a member or perhaps considering to become one, I encourage you to take advantage of the various links to review the videos and additional information contained throughout this site. Feel free to contact me or any one of the other city or regional leaders listed herein.

Tony N. Catanese
Bailli Délégué
la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage du Canada

Special Video of Diner Amical for la Chaine des Rotisseurs