Canadian Past Events

There are a wide variety of Chaine des Rotisseur events running across Canada locally and nationally throughout the year. Here is jsut a sampling of some of the past Dinners, summer bbqs, and galas that have occured coast-to-coast.

Inaugural Chapitre Dinner at Val d`Okanagan
November 4, 2022
Held at Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa in Vernon, BC "the evening sparkled amidst the 3.5 million Swarovski crystals that decorate the resort and the fresh snowfall."
Canada National Meeting and Gala in Halifax, NS
October 20-22, 2022
Halifax was pleased to host the Canada’s 61st Annual National Meeting and Gala with the National Council, visiting Provincial and local dignitaries, and members from across Ca (...)
Oustanding Blind Tasting Menu at The GEORGE
September 24, 2022
The renowned GEORGE Resturant in Toronto ON was the site for a special evening. The menu was a complete secret "with everyone experiencing the surprise and deliight as each course and acc (...)
World Chaîne Day Event in New Brunswick
April 24, 2022
Stylish celebration at Atelier Tony in Dieppe, New Brunswick. "Dishes comparable to works of art on a plate were not only a spectacle for the eyes they also delighted our taste buds".
A celebration of Black History Month in Victoria
February 27, 2021
The House of Boateng Café and Executive Chef Castro Boateng, Maître Rôtisseur, who was born in the West African country of Ghana, designed an eclectic menu of Afri (...)
Gala Induction evening at Hotel Arts
December 18, 2021
As always at the Hotel Arts in Clagary AB, the menu delighted our taste buds from the very beginning. Butter and soft rolls, perfect foie gras gingerbread men, delicately flavoured scrambled egg (...)